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Pasta·Salad·Sandwich·Soup·Baked Goods

          It may look like your average pasta restaurant, but Chanoey’s is anything but! Chanoey’s Pasta is as unique as it gets. Hint: FRIENDS fans can relate!

          Every palette, every season is different. Our main goal is to introduce a new menu every season Often made from fresh ingredients, the sauce goes off easily and goes down quickly, as how Chef Carl makes every dish - 2-3 minutes, that’s all it takes! We dedicate our menu/services to the working class, families and neighbors of Downtown Dartmouth. After a long day of work or if you were just about to start your day right, grab a bite at Chanoey’s!

          There’s nothing more comforting than a bowl of pasta. Just about to start the day? Sip into our salad, soup and pair it with our baked goods.


          The restaurant is owned and managed by two 26-year olds with both having experience in culinary and business management. When we are out of the restaurant, we are busy managing our mobile cafe game. So drop by Chanoey’s and check our real life restaurant and enjoy!

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